Wooden Wine Crates & Wine Boxes


Original wooden wine crates and wine boxes are made by prestigious wineries to store and protect their finest wines. Each one is branded with the individual logo of the vineyard that made it. These brandings are highly detailed pieces of timeless and historic artwork. Our 2 top sellers are wooden Wine Crates and Wine Boxes.


Wine Crates (Generally the same size)


Wooden Wine Crates


Wooden wine crates hold 12 Bordeaux-style wine bottles. For this reason, they’re perfect for larger projects such as shelving, tables, book cases and for bar or restaurant displays. Wine crates are from the Old World. For this reason, Most come from Bordeaux, France. All are authentic.


Wine Boxes (May vary in size)


Wooden Wine Boxes


Wooden wine boxes hold 6 bottles of wine. They may vary in size, as vineyards characteristically produce many different bottle sizes. The majority of wooden wine boxes are produced outside Bordeaux. For example, Italy, Napa Valley, Spain and consequently, all the New World producers are the most prominent makers of them.


When decorating your home or wine cellar, adding wine crates and boxes as accents will enhance the look of a space, and the value of a home. They’re popular among real estate staging companies, and naturally capture your attention.


Whether your home decor theme is Modern, Traditional or Classic, wooden wine crates and wine boxes will blend smoothly into the layout and make for great conversation starters when entertaining. They beautifully illuminate:


  • Wine rooms
  • Wine Cellars
  • Bars
  • Kitchens
  • Bathrooms


You can also create furniture and functional pieces with them. Spruce up a space by adding a unique DIY project to it. The best ideas include: Tables, book shelves, vinyl storage, garden planters, pet beds and much more. You can make your DIY project as easy or as detailed as you want! Above all, your unique idea will be a one-of-a-kind expression of personal creativity.



Wine Panels


Another highly unique enhancement available for your wine-themed decor: Wine Crate Panels. These are the branded sides of original wooden wine crates and boxes. They have the genuine artwork of the finest vineyards engraved on them. Wine panels can be affixed to any surface like tiles. The most popular places to display a collection of them are on are:


  • Walls
  • Ceilings
  • Tabletops
  • Floors
  • Bars



You wouldn’t believe the kinds of projects our clients have created with them! Take a look at our picture gallery for inspiration


Custom Wine Boxes and Crates


Finally, we offer custom wine crates and boxes that are personalized with your own engraved artwork. We’ll take your logo, monogram or design and engrave it on 1 or more custom wine boxes made specifically for you. There’s 4 different sizes and 2 different styles to choose from.


Custom wine boxes are the perfect compliment for:


  • Corporate gifts (Clients or Employees)
  • Vineyards (Packaging for a vintage)
  • Weddings (gift cards or for decoration)
  • Home sales (Agent gift or to commemorate)
  • Retirement parties
  • Wine auctions
  • A wine enthusiast gift


The two options available are Vineyard-Class and Artisanal. The Vineyard-Class option is for those looking to purchase many such as a business or vineyard. The Artisanal is ideal for a wedding or special event when only 1 or a few are needed. Either style is beautifully crafted by hand, but a great deal of extra care is given to the Artisanal as it’s designed to be a work of art. The style of crate below has a beautifully engraved, personalized design of the Garland Family Cote of Arms:



Our team has served a variety of corporations, vineyards and wine enthusiasts for nearly 12 years, crafting the most attractive custom wine boxes and crates available. Our specialty is mostly in corporate gifts for banks, real estate and advertising agencies. However, we’ve made very special custom wine boxes for thousands of weddings and a wide variety of social events as well. Send us your logo or artwork in JPEG, EPS or vector format and we can engrave a complimentary proof for your review.


Whether your looking for original or custom made wine boxes, we guarantee satisfaction and will meet your needs fully. We give the same exceptional customer service to a client who buys 1 wine crate or 1,000. Send us an e-mail or give us a call to discuss options.


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Picture credits:

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