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Hi I’m Patrick, and I’m the guy you’ll talk to if you phone or e-mail us. I also do a lot of the marketing and am the face of our social media.

We’re located a half hour north of Albany NY in Saratoga county. The area is wide open and has a rural feel to it. I’m originally from NYC, but have grown to enjoy the country life a great deal. Fortunately, we’re 5 minutes from major shopping and a variety of things to do so it’s a perfect location for us.

I was introduced to the wine world in 2002. I was 25 at the time and working as a broker on Wall Street. I had a close friend named Frank in the wine business, and had never experienced a good wine until my 26th birthday. Frank brought one over to me as a gift for my birthday. Prior to this I thought all wine was the same. The bottle was a 1990 Chateau Du Tertre magnum. After a 2 hour decanting I was given a long-stem, wide body glass which was slowly filled half way. Frank poured his own right after, and I watched him swirl his glass on the table. “This is to open it up” he said. It’s been sitting in the bottle for years so the decanting and swirl enhances its scent and flavor. My first sip of this lovely Bordeaux was enough to fascinate me. My palate seemed to develop right then and there.

While talking with Frank I noticed the Chateau Du Tertre wooden wine box sitting wide open on my desk. I saw how attractive the design logo was, and the way the vintage wood contrasted my walnut desk. It kept catching my eye and I became intrigued. I imagined the box would fit my pens, sticky notes and any other small office supply perfectly. It was that idea which made me think wine crates could become a unique home decoration for more than just wine bottles!

I quickly decided I want to make a business out of this but didn’t know where to start. The journey started out a bit shaky, but I was determined to build something good. I greatly valued the few customers who bought from us initially, and it was so exciting when I got a new sale. In the beginning I acquired a handful of crates that sat next to the chair in my home office. Those sold fairly quickly. It slowly progressed into removing my clothes from the closet and filling it with wine crates. A year later my wife and I were making paths so we could move around in the apartment! There were hundreds of wine crates in our apartment and we very much needed to expand..

A workshop and storage area was what we needed and got. This allowed us to bring in many more wine crates and also enhance the quality of them. All of the wine crates and boxes we offer are refurbished to look like new. We had space, a good team and a great formula to give our customers nearly-perfect looking wine crates from the best vineyards at a reasonable cost.

Years later, wine crates and boxes became a small business. Our goal started out and has always remained one of giving our customers the deepest respect we possibly could. We’ve sold wine crates through various websites over the years and was able to maintain a hard earned 100% satisfaction rate. This happened inch-by-inch and became the source of pride we take in our work. I can’t say that we’ve never had an unhappy customer. What I can say is when we do it becomes our priority to right the wrong. In business school they tell you that an unhappy customer costs a fortune. To my team and I it’s not a matter of cost. We’re simply thankful for your support and are delighted when we exceed your expectations. Sometimes we go a bit overboard on those perfectionist standards but we feel it’s worth it.

Today we have thousands of wine crates in stock, but your still guaranteed that same “cottage industry” style of quality each time you buy a wine box or crate from us. This is our signature and the heart & soul of what we do.

If you’d like to order or have any questions send me an e-mail or give me a call.





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