• First Growth Wine Crates


    Shipping: $12 for one item, $8 for each additional item

    Holds: 12 Standard 750ml wine bottles or a variety of large items

    Average Size: Varies. The Mouton, Margaux, Lafite and Latour average 19 1/2″ L X 13″ W X 7″ H. The Haut-Brion is 21″ L X 15″ W X 5″H

    Quality/Condition: Very good – Excellent

    Winery Design/Picture: Displayed on the front 13” side

    Décor style options: French, Mid-Century Modern and Traditional

    Ideal Projects: Wine room or cellar decoration, wet bar designs and as an investment or collectible

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    Product Description

    First Growth Wine Crates


    First Growth wine crates are from the 5 best vineyards in Bordeaux. Napoleon handpicked each one in 1855 to represent the best in the world. Below they’re listed individually:


    First Growth Vineyards


    • Chateau Mouton Rothschild
    • Chateau Lafite Rothschild
    • Chateau Margaux
    • Chateau Latour
    • Chateau Haut-Brion


    All 5 have to live by a strict code of winemaking and have minuscule productions. This makes both the wine and wine crates rare and sought after by investors. Consequently, the value of First Growth wine has been consistently growing. It’s been a traditionally good investment for the last 100 years which created a special value for the wine crates. High-level investors buy the wine in bulk, meaning they purchase futures in the vineyard years prior to the vintage release. Oftentimes they’ll buy 100 or more cases at a time. Each of these cases includes the wine crate which will be stored in a wine cellar until the wine reaches maturity. This takes 20+ years. Once the wine reaches optimal quality it’s finally taken to auction and often sold at a significant profit. This is where the wine crates come in..


    There are many more collectors than there are high-level investors. Collectors buy one bottle at a time since First Growth wine is usually $1000+ per bottle. When you’re buying 1 bottle at a time the original wine crate isn’t included in the purchase. You’d have to buy the future for a full case of 12 and wait 2 years to get it. Once you collect all 12 bottles you’ll want the crate because you’ll get a 10-15% profit premium at auction. This way you’ll collect one bottle at a time and avoid the cost of storing the wine. In addition, you’ll be receiving a premium at auction! This alone makes buying a First Growth wine crate an investment in itself. Any collector or investor in fine Bordeaux wine will show an interest in it.


    In conclusion, there’s a finite supply of First Growth wine crates. Out of every 1,000 original wine crates made only 3 are from one of these 5 vineyards. We usually have a small selection available, but can’t sell them in the shopping cart because we can’t fill all orders. You’ll have to contact us for specific vineyards and we’ll have to check the current stock. Send us an e-mail or give me a to discuss.


    Please note this listing is for 1 First Growth wine crate that we have in stock. The listing pictures are stock images and may or may not be included in your order. If you’re looking for a specific vineyard, vintage or the collection of all 5 please let me know.





    Read more about the First Growth wine crates here: The 5 First Growths of Bordeaux


    Or watch the video:


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