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    Used for: Paneling walls, ceilings, tables and floors
    Average Size: 12″ L X 6″ H (2 panels covers 1 square foot)

    Quality/Condition: Excellent – Near Mint

    Winery Design/Picture: Displayed on the front side

    Décor style options: Modern Country, Cottage, Chateau and Shabby-chic

    Ideal Projects: Covering bar fronts, table-tops, kitchen, bathroom and wine room walls, wine cellar closet floors and wine cellar ceilings


    Out of stock

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    Product Description

    Premier Wine Panels


    Premier Wine Panels are the top-of-the-line option and our best seller. These are ideal for DIY kitchen, bathroom or smaller wine room projects. For larger projects click on the Vintage Wine Panels link, as these are the ones sold in bulk for contractors, wine cellar builders and interior decorators.


    What makes Premier Wine Panels special:

    • All approx. the same size
    • Each one is meticulously inspected by hand
    • Hand-sanded twice to a smooth texture
    • Highly detailed pictures and designs
    • Option to choose from specific countries, vineyards and vintages (Based on current stock)
    • Includes only the best vineyards in the world.
    • Authentic panels from the crates that held the original wine


    Premier wine panels are all about the same size at 12″ L X 6″ H give or take a half inch. This means that minimal work is needed in order to trim or cut them to fit the space you want them on. Since wine crates come in all sizes, we ensure that only the ones closest in size go into the Premier selection.


    We have a long history of working with wine panels so we’re good at determining whether a panel works before removing it from the crate. There’s many considerations to our inspection process such as making sure the panels are straight, unbroken and have minimal imperfections. You’d be surprised by how many times we took apart a wine crate and the panel breaks or it’s warped. It happens every day, and those panels won’t be included in your order. Guaranteed. Our inspection process is carefully crafted and effective. When you install wine panels on a floor, wall or ceiling you want it to remain the same way forever. Making sure your panels are in their best possible condition prior to installation is the best way to ensure that.


    Premier Wine Panels Sanding Process


    Our Premier Wine Panels inspection process doesn’t end after a detailed inspection. We go a step further by making sure they look as close to new as possible by sanding them with a 2 step process:


    Step 1: Hand sanding with a 60 grit application

    This process removes a very thin layer of the wood and opens up the pores to prepare for the second step


    Step 2: Smoothing with 220 grit

    Once the 60 grit sanding is complete a 220 grit application is applied to smooth out the panel and make it ready for any style of wood finish you prefer. The end result is a sleek feeling, polished panel that looks better than new!


    Highly detailed designs and artwork is also critical to making your wine room the envy of the neighborhood. We select only panels that have ornate pictures or decorative lettering. Your order will be free of panels that are blank or have only importer lettering or numbering on them.


    Greater Flexibility in Selection


    Premier wine panels also come with the added benefit of allowing you to choose the types and style of panels you’re interested in based on our current stock. For instance, if your only interested in French vineyards there will only be French vineyards in your selection with as few duplicate vineyards as possible. The same applies to Napa, Italy, Spain, Portugal etc. Our stock tends to be much heavier among French vineyards, but we’ll always aim to accommodate special requests based on what’s available. Please contact us if you’d like to take advantage of this and we can discuss.


    Offering the best vineyards in the world is what we do. You’ll only receive Grand-Cru class, it’s equivalent or better. You can be confident that when wine experts come to your home they’ll be familiar with the revered wineries adorning your wall, and they’re all genuine.


    The Premier Wine Panels option is the best way to go for the best in quality and selection. For trade professionals buying random panels in bulk, visit our Vintage Wine Panels page



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