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    Half Pallet (25 Wine Crates w/o Lids):  $599

    Full Pallet (50 Wine Crates w/o Lids):  $1,099

    Crate Sizes: 19 ½” L X 13” W X 7” H. Some are 1”-2” larger

    One crate holds 12 standard 750ML Bordeaux wine bottles.

    Please let us know if you’ll be storing wine because not all bottles will fit. contact us

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    Product Description

    Wholesale Vintage Wine Crates Pallet Lots


    Wholesale wine crates pallet lots come in half and full pallets. They’re perfect for your large to very large projects. Furthermore, A warehouse or storage facility would be ideal for this amount of wine crates unless your wine cellar has a thousand or more bottles to store in your home. Wine crate pallets can solve the following needs:


    Wine Crates Pallet Lot Project Solutions:


    • A complete storage option for a large wine cellar (500-1000+ bottles)
    • Wine store shelving
    • Product displays for a store or vintage setting
    • Window decorations
    • Pop-up store décor 
    • TV/Movie/Media props
    • Indoor/Outdoor planters for very large gardens


    The wholesale wooden wine crates lot comes in two pallet sizes:


    • Half Pallets (25 wine crates)
    • Full Pallets (50 wine crates)


    Residential and commercial deliveries will have the half pallet delivered in 5 large shippers, and the full pallet will be delivered in 10. Otherwise, they’ll arrive on a full pallet via freight.


    We fully inspect for durability and good looks. In other words, your crates will be 100% guaranteed for durability with no staples, stickers or tape. They’ll also be refurbished with a light sanding. There may be mild imperfections such as knots or small chips.



    All come from the best vineyards in France. There’ll be Grand Cru and 2nd-5th Growth selections. Most will have highly detailed logos and designs. Above all, we only offer wine crates from the most prestigious vineyards exclusively.


    The designs are displayed on the front 13” side of the crates. The other sides will be blank.


    Each wine crate is guaranteed authentic. Furthermore, All are originals that held the genuine bottles.


    Please let us know if your storing wine. Not all bottles fit. Cult Napa, Champagne and Riesling bottles can be taller or wider than Bordeaux style. Height and thickness is most important.


    Pallet too much? Visit the Large Wine Crates page to buy one or a few

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    Wholesale Wine Crates

    Full Pallet, Half Pallet


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