• Premier Wine Boxes

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    Average size: 13” L X 11” W X 7” H

    Used for: Storing six 750ML wine bottles

    Quality/Condition: Excellent – Near Mint

    Design/Branding: Most shown on the 13” side

    Décor style options: Vintage, Industrial, Mediterranean, Modern Country, Cottage, Chateau, European

    Ideal Projects: Herb gardens, floral wedding decorations/centerpieces, end tables and shelves for living areas

    (Please contact us if your storing wine)

    Product Description

    Premier Wine Boxes


    Premier Wine Boxes can be ordered with or without lids. The wine box format is the most traditional style of packaging exceptionally rare wines. This is not to say that wine boxes are abundant, it just means that most vineyards will opt to make a wine box for holding 6 bottles of wine rather than a wine crate for holding 12 bottles.


    The vineyards that carefully craft wine boxes with lids are generally small wineries with tiny productions. Only a few hundred cases are made since only the very best of their wine bottles go in them. The wine making countries that make the most wine boxes are:

    • Italy
    • Spain
    • Portugal
    • Argentina
    • Chile
    • Napa
    • Most other New World vineyards


    They’re much more common in the New World than they are in the Old with the exception of Italy. France is known for its wine crates and Italy is known for its wine boxes. France does, however, make a limited amount of wine boxes with lids for every vintage, as Italy makes a few wine crates per winery every year. This is all somewhat generalized because vineyards are known for switching up their styles every once in a while. The trend though has been more or less consistent for the past 50 years or so.


    The Difference Between Wine Boxes and Crates


    Wine boxes with lids aren’t like wine crates. Wine boxes come from many different vineyards and countries with few specific rules when it comes to wine making. They can create wine bottles and designs in any fashion or form they want. Wine crates on the other hand come from Bordeaux so they’re almost always the exact same size due to the strict rules that every vineyard has to follow.


    The wine boxes that do come from France are mostly from Burgundy or Rhone where the rules aren’t as strict. Some of the highest detail wine box designs can come from these two regions. Chateauneuf Du Pape is a famous sub-region in France and the wine boxes are highly sought after by collectors.


    The average size of a wine box: 13″ L X 11″ W X 7″ H (Can vary 2″ – 3″)


    Average wine box sizes aren’t set in stone. Champagne wine boxes can be much larger to accommodate a thicker base. Vineyards in Australia, Portugal and Napa can make huge 750 ML with all kinds of ornate embellishments increasing the size of a wine box by 3″ or more. All of this is important to take note of if you’re planning a special project and have tight space requirements. This would also apply for wine storage because your bottles may or may not fit.


    Please note that your wine box or boxes will be randomly selected. If you order more than one we’ll aim to avoid duplicate vineyards. If you have a specific request we’ll try to accommodate based on stock.


    Please contact if your storing wine or vinyl. Not all bottles fit perfectly in wooden wine boxes. This is especially with cult Napa’s, Champagne and Rieslings. In the case of vinyl records the wine boxes are slightly too small. We do offer 6 bottle magnum crates that can fit them but they’re not always in stock.

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