• Vintage Wine Panels


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    Shipping: $9 for one item, $1 for each additional item

    All Classic panels are authentic, and from excellent vineyards from all over the world

    Wine panels can be applied to surfaces like wooden tiles. They can cover:

    • Tables
    • Walls
    • Floors
    • Ceilings
    • Drawers

    Average sizes of Classic wine panels vary. The listing price is for 1 panel. Approx. 2 panels cover 1 square foot. We do offer discounts in bulk.




    Out of stock

    Bulk discount:
    25 - 49 panels: $9.50 each
    50 - 99 panels: $9.00 each + Free Shipping
    100+ panels: $8.50 each + Free Shipping

    Product Description

    Vintage Wine Crate Panels


    Wine crate panels are the sides of original wine crates. Each one is branded with the logo or design of the vineyard that made it. Furthermore, these ornate designs represent a thousand years of wine history. They accent your wine room or cellar, like artwork enhances the look of your home.


    Wine panels are similar to tiles and they cover:

    • Walls
    • Ceilings
    • Floors
    • Tabletops
    • Drawer fronts


    They’re best used to enhance kitchens, bathrooms, home bars and wine cellars. By the same token, wine stores and restaurants love them! When you decorate with wine panels, you bring out a timeless look that captures everyone’s attention. 



    Add any wood finish or stain to them in order to complement your decorum. For rooms with a lighter tone, add a darker stain for contrast. However, for traditional wine cellars with rich hardwood racks, a matte or semi-gloss polyurethane is more ideal. Furthermore, below is a list of finish possibilities: 


    Wine Panel Finish Styles


    • Weatherproofing (Outdoor use)
    • Polyurethane (Matte, Semi-Gloss or High Gloss)
    • Color stain (Wood finishes such as red oak or mahogany)
    • Paint (Lighter colors work better)
    • Linseed or tung oil
    • Varnish, wax or shellack


    Mixing finish styles works well. In fact, clients often use 3 or 4 different stains to create a stunning montage of vibrant colors. Meanwhile, Speak with a carpenter or interior decorator before starting a major project with wine panels. In any case, you should order a dozen or so samples to test out your finishes and create the perfect layout.


    Average sizes of wine panels vary. Approx. 2 covers 1 square foot.


    We inspect for quality by hand. All nails, staples, stickers and tape are removed. Each panel is checked for straightness and great quality. In addition, they’ll be lightly sanded to prepare for finish.


    Your wine panels are 100% guaranteed authentic. All are from genuine wooden wine crates and boxes imported from the vineyard


    Each one will be randomly chosen. We’re unable to accommodate special requests. Visit our Premier Wine Panels page and contact us for specific vineyards, vintages or countries


    All will be from the best vineyards in the world. The majority will be from France. However, we do have small selections of Italy, Spain, South America and Napa.


    Recommended Installation:


    • Liquid nails in a can (not the tube)
    • A notched trawl (To evenly spread on the back of each panel)


    Once Liquid Nails is applied to the back of the panel, place it onto the cover surface. Keep going until the surface is covered and your done!


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