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    • Without Lids: $10 for one item, $6 for each additional item
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    Holds: 12 Standard 750ml wine bottles or a variety of large items

    Average Size: 19 ½” L X 13” W X 7” H

    Quality/Condition: Excellent – Near Mint

    Winery Design/Picture: Displayed on the front 13” side

    Décor style options: Modern Country, Cottage, Chateau and Shabby-chic

    Ideal Projects: Coffee tables, large shelving for wine rooms, bars or cellars, libraries/book storage, drawers and safe keeping for expensive wine

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    Product Description

    Premier Wine Crates


    Premier Wine Crates can be ordered with or without lids. Most of the time when the crates come in filled with bottles of wine, the lid is removed with a crowbar and the wine is quickly removed. The lid gets damaged and is discarded. This happens about 90% of the time. The other 10% of the time they’re kept in good shape. It’s our job to inspect and refurbish them so they look great for your decor, project or wine storage. Investors and wine collectors protect their most expensive bottles in them, so we need to make sure you get the best.


    What Makes Premier Wine Crates Special:

    • They’re from the best vineyards in the world
    • Chosen from the best of the best
    • Fully inspected and refurbished
    • Each one is meticulously sanded by hand to a smooth texture


    Premier wine crates come from Grand Cru or equivalent vineyards, and each one is designed to hold (12) 750 ML bottles. All are imported. Grand Cru Bordeaux wine is so valuable that it needs protection during it’s long sea voyage from the ports of Paris into the US. This is why wooden wine crates were invented by vineyards so long ago. To this day the original wooden wine crate remains the best and most elegant way to protect wine bottles.


    Our selection process is simple yet effective. We check and re-check every crate for imperfections. The Premier selection only includes crates with imperfections that are typical to wine crates such as light scuffs or chips that add to the rustic charm.


    Once the inspection process is complete we move onto the sanding process:


    Wine crates are also excellent for advertising. They offer a nostalgic look into the old world, as many of these vineyards have been making wine on the same plot of land since the dawn of civilization. Wine crates are timeless and inspiring antiquities.


    This listing is for 1 original wooden wine crate with or without a lid. You have the option of buying 1 or more in the shopping cart. The listing pictures are stock images, and your crate(s) may be from a different vineyard


    Dimensions: 19 1/2″ L X 13″ W X 7″ H


    The branding artwork of the crate is on the 13″ side. The 19 1/2″ long-side branded crates are available upon request when in stock. Send us an e-mail for side-branded requests.


    You do have the option of buying vintage-style wine crates without a lid by clicking on this link: Wine Crates w/o Lids


    Premier wine crates with lids will be in the traditional style, meaning the lid will sit on top of the crate unattached. You can use nails or wood staples to secure the lid to the crate. This is what the vineyard does once the bottles are inside. Inserts/bottle dividers are generally not included unless requested


    You can buy 1 wine crate w/ a lid or more. Production timeframe is based on how many are ordered. The repair/refurbishing process is done by hand, therefore please contact us if you need your crates quickly.


    Otherwise, order your wine crates in the shopping cart or send me an e-mail to discuss further!


    Patrick –


    Additional Information

    Weight 7 lbs
    Dimensions 19 x 13 x 7 in
    With or Without Lids?

    With Lids, Without Lids


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