• Vintage Wine Crates


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    Shipping: $11 for one item, $7 for each additional item

    Holds: 12 Standard 750ml wine bottles or a variety of large items

    Average Size: 19 ½” L X 13” W X 7” H

    Quality/Condition: Very good – Excellent

    Winery Design/Picture: Displayed on the front 13” side

    Décor style options: Modern Country, Cottage, Chateau and Shabby-chic

    Ideal Projects: Coffee tables, large shelving for wine rooms, bars or cellars, square foot gardens, libraries/book storage, drawers and pet beds

    $20.00 each when you buy more than five

    Out of stock

    Bulk discount:
    5 or more crates: $20.00 each

    Product Description

    Vintage Wine Crates w/o Lids

    Wine crates capture the imagination and enhance the look of your décor. The world’s best vineyards build them to preserve their finest bottles. Each one is engraved with unique images and designs inspired by historical artwork dating back to the Roman Empire. As a result, wine crates are the not-so-secret way to enhance the elegance of a wine room.


    The majority of wine crates are imported from French vineyards that came from prestigious Grand Cru regions. Each one holds 12 Bordeaux-style 750ML wine bottles and come without lids. All are genuine and authentic. Because of this your guaranteed to add an original look to your decor.


    Please contact us if your storing wine because not all bottle sizes will fit perfectly. This is also the case with cult Napa’s, Champagne and Rieslings. Wine crates from Bordeaux are generally the same size. Due to this, make sure to also check the sizing on your wine cellar shelves or racks.


    Above all we take great pride in our quality control standards. Therefore, each wine crate you order will be inspected for durability. Imperfections are removed and a light sanding is applied. You’ll love how they look in your home or wine cellar! In addition, they’ll keep your finest bottles protected and in their best condition. On the other hand, wine crates are also great for woodworking and DIY projects. There’s easy ones to advanced and everything in-between. For example:


    Wine Crate DIY Projects


    Easy DIY wine crate ideas include:


    • Shadowboxes (Add wall paper to the inside of a crate)
    • Wine crate planters (Indoor/outdoor square foot gardens)
    • Kitchen/Bathroom shelving
    • Table displays
    • Book shelves


    For the advanced woodworker:


    • Pet beds/feeders
    • Pull-out wine shelving unit
    • Chest of drawers
    • Ottomans


    In the meantime, check out our gallery page for more ideas. Someone comes up with a new wine crate creation everyday!


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