Wine Crates and Boxes FAQ

What are original wine crates?

Original wooden wine crates (OWC) are made by vineyards to protect their premier wines. Each one is made by a Grand Cru vineyard to hold 12 traditional style 750 ML bottles. They’re also used for wine cellar storage, bar and wine room decoration, window dressing and a variety of DIY projects.

*Also known as large wine crates

Buy them here: Large Wine Crates


What are original wine boxes?

Also made by premier vineyards, these are the ones that hold (6) 750 ML bottles. They’re mostly made by Italian, Spanish and Napa vineyards, although many French wineries make them as well. You’ll find wine boxes displayed as table centerpieces, garden planters, wine room shelves and wet bar decor

*Also known as medium wine boxes

Buy them here: Medium Wine Boxes


Why decorate with original wine crates and boxes?

To add a charming and graceful accent to a decor. Wine crates and boxes can give a vintage-inspired theme to a variety of spaces. They’re also highly functional! You can store and protect wine, antiques, delicate glassware and anything else you’d like in them. You can choose from a few different sizes and styles as well.


What are wine crate panels?

These are the sides of original wine boxes, crates and cases. They’re branded with the design logos/artwork of the winery that made them. They can be used like wood tiles to cover walls, ceilings, tables and floors.

*Also known as wine box ends, wine crate faceplates, wine case sides and wine panels

Buy them here: Wine Crate Panels


How do I install wine crate panels?

The process is similar to tiling. You’ll need two tools:

  • Liquid nails in a can (not a tube)
  • Notched trawl

You’d want liquid nails in a can is so you can spread it evenly on the back of each panel. Once the liquid nails are on you can place the panel on the surface of what your looking to cover. It’s an easy job for a professional or someone handy, but if your neither, you may be better off hiring a contractor.


What are custom wine boxes?

We build custom wine crates, boxes and cases for our clients and personalize them with their own logos or designs. Any of the sides or lid can be engraved with the artwork.


Is there a minimum to order?

No. You can buy 1 wine crate or a 1,000


Do you offer a wholesale option?

Yes. We have half pallets (25) of large wine crates, full pallets (50) and full truckloads (600)


What about wine crate panels?

Yes. We can offer 1 wine panel or 5,000 depending on the space you need to cover. There’s also bulk discounts in quantity.


The same with custom wine crates?

Yes. Most of our clients are businesses but we also create and personalize custom wine crates for weddings, retirement parties, real estate closings, special events and just about anything you can think of. We offer quantity discounts as well.


What’s your turn-around/processing times?

Depends on quantity. Everything we make is done by hand. Smaller quantities = faster turn-around. It also depends on the season. September – December is when we’re most busy.


What are your shipping options?

We ship through FedEx. Express upon request. If you’d prefer to use your own FedEx account we can accommodate.


When can I expect my package once shipped?

We ship FedEx Ground from NY. Tracking is e-mailed to you once the shipment goes out. Below are approx. shipping times:

  • Northeast: 1-2 business days
  • Midwest & Southeast: 2-3 business days
  • Mountain Central and Southwest: 3-4 business days
  • Westcoast: 4-6 business days


Do you accept returns?

Yes. 7 days on original wine crates, boxes and panels. Unfortunately we don’t offer a return option on custom crates, but we guarantee to fix any issues to your complete satisfaction on everything we sell.